Armand Bogaarts

Founder & CEO

Pierre Mollier

Active Entertainment Businesses

Armand Bogaarts created Filocian after leading LCL and Eurofiber, the two highly successful companies he founded together with Laurens van Reijen. Eurofiber became the leading fiber network provider in the Netherlands with a valuation of more than 1 billion euros, and LCL a leading data center operator in Belgium with 5 data centers.

His vision was to continue building businesses from scratch while enjoying his family and the spectacular scenery and natural beauty of Cala Tamarit in Spain. He chose the name Filocian for its meaning: Philo/Filo (love) and Otium/Ocio (leisure) because he wants everyone to enjoy the amazing adventure and sense of freedom while searching for the success of a start-up. Filocian is a hands-on private seed capital fund that invests in the dreams of its team: a talent economy where people share in the wealth they help create.

Armand Bogaarts continues to innovate in technology. Entrepreneurship has been a lifetime passion and now his focus has moved from fiber infrastructure and data centers to tools that enable the talent economy in general with BonusBank, Agile Equity and Nova, and specifically in Southern Catalonia as a partner in StartSud Studio.

Pierre Mollier joined Filocian 15 years ago when it decided to build Jungle-Trek, a high-rope adventure park on a 7 acre property Filocian owns on the coast close to Tarragona, Spain. His love for outdoor and active entertainment turn ideas into reality. An example is ZiplineLabs, it creates active entertainment experiences for parks, shopping malls and leisure centers.